Walking through Little India and Kampong Glam, Singapore.

IMG_8643Colourful and noisy in a good way are these two thriving neighbourhoods of Singapore. I used the  MRT from the Marina Bay area which is a fast and efficient service around the city. As soon as you emerge on the Sengei Road you are hit with all that is India, brightly coloured fabrics, spicy aromas and lots of chatter. To see the colourful shop houses and other interesting buildings this route will offer plenty of photo opportunities.

  • From Sengei Road take a left into Serengoon where you can not miss the vast Tekka Centre which appears to sell just about anything! You will start to see the colourful buildings from here.
  • Take a left into Kerbou Road.
  • Left into Bellios Lane and immediately at the end of this road is the welcoming albeit busy Sri Veeramakaliaamman Temple. You will need to remove your shoes but you will be made very welcome. Look up at the brightly coloured statues.
  • The exit/entrance brings you back to Serengoon where you will need to take a right towards the main road of Sengei.
  • Before reaching the main road take a left into Dunlop Street and as you make your way down you will leave Little India. IMG_8683


I stopped outside a mosque and was trying to make out whether it was open to the public when a gentleman welcomed myself and he who likes to think he is obeyed in. Then we were dressed in long robes, invited to wash our feet and given icy cold bottled water which was most welcome after walking for much of the morning. Our new friend showed us around the mosque which I believe is called the Abdul Gafoor and was pleased to answer absolutely anything and everything about the building and his religion, we were made to feel very much at home.


  • Continuing the length of Dunlop take a right onto Jln Besar which is a busy intersection and then left onto Ophir Street.
  • By now you might be getting some glimpses of a gold dome which is the Sultan’s Mosque.
  • Taking a left onto Victoria and then a right onto Arab Street where you can then wander up and down the short narrow streets which are home to the Arab Quarter. Be sure to sample Haji Lane with its bohemian cafes and boutiques. We particularly liked the Himalayan inspired Going Om a very laid back cafe.
  • There is a myriad of eateries offering Turkish food and of course you can get close to the mosque which genuinely looks like something out of Arabian Nights and enter as a visitor. This was one of the most interesting quarters of Singapore in my view; colourful and pungent with a mix of ancient meeting trendy. This is one area I would revisit if I go back to Singers.


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