The Samaya Secret – Balinese experience.


This is a secret I want to share…. The Samaya Secret. A secret about two hotels in Bali, The Samaya Seminyak and The Samaya Ubud. Two very different locations but two hotels which offer exquisite service, a unique experience and each set in a beautiful location.


Each Samaya hotel offers private villas with their own pool, seating areas with plenty of comfort whether you like shade or sun. Large bathrooms and deeply comfortable beds to assure you of a restful sleep.

These villas are nestled amongst garden areas which seclude you from your neighbour, you could in fact be in paradise. This ambrosial experience offers breakfast at any time of the day either in your villa, poolside or in the hotel’s restaurant. The food is wide ranging with Asian or Western style, with smoothies freshly made and coffee steaming hot. IMG_6842


In Seminyak you can eat and watch the surf rolling in on a fabulous beach whilst in Ubud you can stare out over the rice fields and mountains. Afternoon tea is another exquisite offering again served wherever you choose. The staff are extremely concerned over your stay without being intrusive, they are informative and cheery with recommendations on trying new foods to telling you a little about their lives and their island.

We were collected and returned to the airport as well as shuttled between Seminyak and Ubud, each time with a friendly driver, damp cooling towels and iced water. Each driver chatted about the island, answered our numerous questions and were extremely patient with the hoards of moped riders, some wearing helmets and others crazily racked up with a family behind with as many as four on a bike. Cars were luxurious and air conditioned.

Seminyak is a coastal location offering great walks along the beach, close to surf hire and a wide range of bars and restaurants and each hotel will taxi you to wherever you need to go locally.

Ubud is a steep riverside location with shuttles on hand to take you up and down the steep inclines, we never had to wait, they were always ready and waiting to ferry us around the site. This location only had about 15 villas so we felt very special at all times.


The gardens at Ubud attracted beautiful brightly coloured butterflies that settle on the poolside plants. There are tall rainforest trees with lianas winding their way up to reach the sun.

Each location offer a trek or a visit to a temple, currency exchange, a fine dining restaurant and great communication. Before booking I had many questions but they emailed promptly and booking online was seamless.

So I have shared my travel secret, now share yours!

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