Reasons to like a delay in Changi Airport (Singapore)

I’ve travelled a bit but still impressed with any wow factor I come across and Changi does just that. Three terminals of which I experienced numbers one and three.

Arrival first thing in the morning from Heathrow I was really impressed with the quick, efficient and seamless entry at terminal 3, a feature always appreciated after a long haul flight in fact I checked into my Marina bay area hotel within 50 minutes of landing. An easy to navigate airport with quick access to a taxi rank without a queue, what more could you want?

But it’s the the time spent in an airport which can make it or break it for me… matter how fine tuned you are at travelling there will always be a wait and once you have trawled the shops and bars, read your book and twiddled your thumbs what can you do?

Well Changi has it all! I’m only going to tell you about the areas which I experienced – so here goes.

  • Terminal 3 has beautiful art installations such as a metal arrangement of what looks like water droplets which you first see as you arrive at the top of an escalator.
  • It also boasts some vertical gardens, just sheer walls of greenery.
  • Plenty of free chair massages found in terminals 3 and 1
  • Terminal 1 has a desert garden a peaceful dare I say it ‘oasis’ in an otherwise busy frenetic airport.
  • The skytrain connects the terminals and is easy to navigate.
  • There are both cafes and restaurants open to all visitors as well as those checked in.
  • Silver Kris for selected customers of Singapore Airlines offer a quiet lounge with an excellent range of both Western and Asian foods.
  • The onsite airport hotel Crowne Plaza means you don’t have to leave the airport and can check in for hours or overnight.
  • Life tree an interactive exhibit with tablet type boards to play games and challenge other travellers.

It’s almost worth flying via Singapore just to try the airport out, I think you could spend days there investigating the gardens, art and skytrain!

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