10 reasons to fly business class with Singapore Airlines!


Much has already been said, written and posted about Singapore Airlines but here is why The Grey Traveller loves this airline.

Being more mature comfort is everything on a long flight, being without children means there is more cash to splash so when I can I fly Business Class….it is so worth it!





  1. Seamless, efficient and fast check in at Heathrow’s Terminal 2.
  2. Fast track security line and fast track back through passport control in UK…….I bypassed hundreds of people waiting.
  3. The Heathrow Terminal 2 lounge is quiet, peaceful, comfortable and offers a range of foods to suit all. This can be accompanied by any drink you can imagine but flying in the morning I opted for a raspberry and lemon green smoothie ………something I still dream about now. Seating and decor is all gold and cream with tall backed comfortable chairs, discreet areas and a wide range of upscale magazines and papers to choose from.
  4. Once on the ‘plane you are ushered to what I can only describe as your personal pod, it’s a huge space, it’s like a mini room or capsule. Plenty of room to stretch out and a flat bed when you are ready to snooze. I slept 9 out of 13 hours on the return flight. I am convinced Business Class solves the jet lag problem. There are also plenty of storage areas for your personal belongs which you can reach when sitting or lying down…… handy for glasses, IPad and books.
  5. There is a large TV screen so much better for the more mature squinting eyes!
  6. Big squashy cushion to ease the weary back.
  7. Very attentive staff throughout both onward and return flights….Beautiful uniform.
  8. Well cooked meals which can be pre ordered online, huge choice.  Served with the Grey Travellers signature wine! (Sauvignon Blanc and a great cheeky New Zealand one at that!) Table cloth, proper cutlery and plenty of space on the pull out table.
  9. Priority labels on suitcases so first off the plane which means you start your holiday that much quicker and in that taxi queue first!
  10. Silver Kris lounge in Singapore’s Terminal 3 had very nice seating and also a great choice of foods to suit both Asian and Western palettes.

Looks like I’ll be choosing Singapore Airlines again some day soon! Bon voyage and happy travelling.



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