Moskito Guard is the way forward!


Travelling can be quite a bug bear when insects bite. Us pasty sensitive English travellers sometimes come off decidedly worse for wear when travelling in foreign climes and in particular the tropics. I have tried many types of insect repellent but Moskito Guard is my new best friend forever.

However worry ye not no more. Pack some Moskito Guard which is especially pleasing as it doesn’t contain DEET. He who likes to think he is obeyed is often heard counting how many times he has been bitten as the sun drops and mosquitoes go out on the town dancing on our sensitive skin.

A recent visit to Indonesia and a spray and tissues combo did the trick – no bites were recorded.

Easy to use spray or wet wipe style tissue this moisturising barrier has a nice fragrance and is gentle on the skin. (I usually put sunscreen on the top) . It is easy to see where you have sprayed as the moisture is white and it ‘sinks’ into the skin.

Thank you Moskito Guard until the next time, you sure will be my travelling companion from now on.

Please note that I have received complimentary products from Moskito Guard and they advertise on my website


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