Barging round Britain


The Grey Traveller likes London, loves walking, so often combines the two. Have recently been thinking about walking the Regent’s Canal tow path from Camden to Limehouse basin and coincidentally have recently caught up with John Sergeant where he did just that albeit by barge much of the way. Now I’m even more eager to try it especially as he stopped off at East London Liquor Company …… walking and gin tasting what a great cocktail so immediately that ticks two of the Grey Traveller’s priority boxes!

What did I learn?

  • The route is 8 miles long
  • That stretch of water is barge busy!
  • Lots of interesting buildings canal side
  • Vey expensive to moor
  • Very difficult to find a spot to moor!

So  what do I need to find out?

Is there walkable towpaths the entire length and each side of the canal?….and where exactly do I join it at Limehouse or Camden? Would appreciate some comments about where to stop off too. Happy walking!

Postscript – love John’s programme!

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