The Good, the Bad and the Dumped – Jenny Colgan

IMG_6533.JPGHeat suggests that Jenny’s book is ‘The perfect sun – lounger read’ on its bright yellow cover and I can confirm it’s a prefect read just anywhere. As a first time reader of this author I can say it sure won’t be the last.

Published by The Little Brown Book Company this hilarious but poignant tale introduces us to a veritable bouquet of girls led by chief character Posy, her sister Fleur and friend Leah. In the male corner is Matt, Chris and Adam.

Sporty Matt has asked Posy to marry him but she  feels some hesitancy which she doesn’t share with  Matt. Instead she goes off and explores her exes to see what life might have been like with each of them. Meanwhile those that are in the know aka the other girls in the bunch are left rather perplexed.

Her safari amongst her exes takes her first to a remote island in Scotland and her bumbling bear of a uni partner Chris. Clearly she’d had a narrow escape here!

Whilst the tale is perhaps predictable you know what you want to happen and you won’t be disappointed. Posy will bloom but how is another matter.

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