Ladder of Years ~ Anne Tyler


IMG_6480First for me….reading an Anne Tyler novel although I had heard of The Accidental Tourist which had been made into a movie.

Ladder of Years is the story of Delia upping and walking out on her family without a backward glance, it seemed she hadn’t planned this life change….but life seemed to change her. All she is wearing is a bathing suit and a cover up, she has her beach tote and the family’s holiday cash when she decides to take a ride with a stranger to a stage town. Meanwhile her family are still enjoying a day out at the beach unaware that Delia has gone missing.

What has she has left behind that she needed to leave? Nothing is my gut reaction. She is a doctor’s youngest daughter and now a doctor’s wife with three grown children. She appears to have a comfortable life in a comfortable ‘burb of Baltimore so what’s not to like?

Frighteningly quickly she soon has a room to rent, some underwear, a dress and a job. She keeps herself to herself and fills her hours when not working reading library books. She avoids getting too close to others and keeps her distance most of the time.

Then her sister finds her, a son visits and  her daughter Susie writes to say she is getting married.

Not many people can turn their back on their family but Delia seems to manage it without any qualms………… what does the future bring for a doctor’s daughter who came from the right side of the the tracks?

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