The Grey Traveller now standing at St Pancras International Station, London

An imposing, Gothic style building rears up out of Bloomsbury. Red brick with pointy turrets it turns the traveller’s head skywards as every inch of the exterior needs a closer and some investment of time scrutiny….and  St Pancras certainly deserves it.

With Eurostar now located at this great London terminal the interior is a destination in itself. The beautiful arches, grand concourse and awe inspiring statues make this a one stop shop for lunch, retail therapy and sight seeing all in one train spot.

The departure boards highlight the next train to Paris so the traveller within me certainly had a stomach lurch. The shops appear to be specially selected to suit a savvy visitor and sassy shopper from the on trend Cath Kidston  to the John Lewis be it at home or play. Hungry travellers have a raft of eateries to muse over or for a fleeting sandwich there is Simply Food  from Marks and Spencer.

Of course had I the time and a chance to layover I would try the station’s very own hotel, The Renaissance  established in 1873 when railways were railways and travellers were real travellers with dust on their clothes and smut on their noses, but The Grey Traveller digresses.

IMG_6428The Meeting Place Lover’s statue is huge and one looks up to a passionate pair and feels a tinge of sadness imagining a young man leaving to fight and his girl gripping his face in a fond farewell.

Sir John Betjeman looks skyward clutching his hat as if about to embark on an important journey and The Grey Traveller could not resist a photo alongside.As I trailed the concourse a passionate piano player was tinkling the ivories and turning heads and as I exited the building I turned my head too hoping it wouldn’t be my last glimpse….I hope to be back one day St Pancras and thanks for my brief encounter.


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