The beautiful Biltmore in Coral Gables

img_6470Like a grand old lady sitting at the top of the table, The Biltmore resides over the classy Coral Gables neighbourhood.

This was The Grey Traveller‘s second visit to the Biltmore, the first being over seven years ago and she did not disappoint she was everything I remembered her to be and then some.

As you enter the lobby you feel somewhat special with the attention  from the check in desk to the concierge who recommended  a great local walk the following morning. He set us a route with a coffee shop as our destination and he came up trumps.  We were able to ogle the grand residences to and from the upscale shopping spot of Miracle Mile with his recommend of a refreshment break half way.

Our sumptuous rooms overlooked Merrick’s European Miami enclave with its terracotta roofs and domes which spike the landscape. You can visit his home and learn  about his local mission to build a little bit of Europe in South Florida and it’s a stone’s throw from the hotel. The Miami heat and dust was washed away with the glossy Sicillian orange flavoured Tarocco products which we found in the bathroom and I would love to know if they can be sourced in the UK?

However the Biltmore bombshell has to be the pool, I believe it to be the biggest hotel pool in USA. Great pool bar and attentive service from the guys who sort your bed and towels to the waiters who bring the ice cool drinks. Breakfast was taken at their golf club house which set me up before the long flight home to Blighty…..that view will forever remain with me ….until the next time, let’s hope it isn’t too long.



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