The Grey Traveller in Boggy Creek

A 40 minute drive from the main thrum of Orlando and you are in the Floridian backwaters a complete antidote to the theme park hullabaloo that is Disney and Universal.

A quiet landing area where you wait your Boggy Creek  airboat ride gives you time to look out onto the water and we also had the chance to listen to an informative talk and look at some artefacts from when the native Americans owned the land.

The boats usually hold about eight people so each trip feels intimate and small enough to stop and ask questions at your will.

Plenty of vibration, fun and speed whizzing through sawgrass and we saw blue heron, an American eagle and plenty of egret.

We didn’t see ‘gators on our last trip but perhaps a sunset tour would give you a better chance of glimpsing those scary amber eyes poking above the water line.

The guide took us t an unusual tree growing out of the water which had livid red vertical stripes on the trunk. Turned out to eb the trails of the huge apple snails.

We enjoyed the ride, so thank you guide!

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