Monsoon Summer – Julia Gregson

img_6051OMG This is one of the best books that I have read in a long while, thank you Julia Gregson!

Two worlds colliding, Kit from austere post war England and Anto from  colourful South West India. It is time for Anto to return home and with him he takes his bride much to his family’s concern.

Kit is a ‘modern’ woman thrust into a traditional society, she wishes to continue her work in midwifery albeit she hopes in an admin role. However she is thrown in at the deep end and finds herself at the mercy of a local doctor and once more delivering babies.

The family appear to accept her strange English ways although they are left in the dark somewhat about her midwifery role as delivering babies in India at that time was not a respected job. However the family are delighted when Raffie comes along, a boy to continue the family name……. she even continues with a few shifts at The Moonstone the health centre which had been funded by family friend Daisy in England.

Meanwhile Kit who has been estranged from her mother is concerned and surprised that Glory is to make a visit. It’s not the first time that Glory has been to India and Kit hopes to unravel the mystery that surrounds her mother’s life and indeed find out who her father is.

We get a glimpse of India in post Independence and feel the heat in the colourful streets of Kochi. Certainly the sweat and humidity is felt in Monsoon Summer whether it’s from the anticipation of what will happen next or the steam arising from newly weds. There is respite from the heat when the couple return to his family home and Kit finally receives a gift of a fresh cool white and gold sari……..but there were many hoops to jump through along the way.

I was so sorry to finish this book, I only hope that Julia can lead us through some more Indian tales and let us know what happens to Kit and Anto next.

Published by  Orion Books, click here to find out more about julia nd her books.


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