Gosport Ferryside

If you arrive ferryside via the regular boat from Portsmouth look left and let your nose guide you to Trinity Church. The building looks fairly utilitarian but don’t be put off by the exterior and pop your head inside for an unexpected glimpse of a pristine Georgian style interior, all white and with impressive columns. As churches go it has a rather minimalist decor; not much fuss but this allows you to focus on the beautiful half domed ceiling and of course Handel’s organ. I was treated to an informal chat from one of the staff and he invited me to wander by myself and take photos.

Turning back to the ferry esplanade you will cross the sundial but don’t forget to look back and skywards to see the arty decor on the side of the apartment blocks.


Looking harbourside you will be staring straight at the Spinnaker Tower and  Gun Wharf Quays. Usually you will see one of the many ferries or a cargo boat, but sadly less likely to see a naval ship these days.

There are benches to sit and watch the world go by along with Admiral Fieldhouse who is celebrated with a statue in the gardens.

A little green and white ferry  will take you back to Portsmouth.

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