Friday Nights – Joanna Trollope

IMG_2994.PNGI have been a Trollope fan for a number of years but this is a first listening to one of her books rather than reading it. You might be forgiven for thinking that’s lazy I can be forgiven as it helps me to iron a pile of shirts or clean the kitchen!

I only enjoy an audiobook if the narrator is right, i.e. that I like the sound of the voice and in this case I definitely appreciated Julia Franklin’s pitch and tone.

……………So kick off your shoes and relax, it’s Friday night and the weekly meet for Eleanor, Blaise, Lyndsey, Karen, Jules, Paula, Toby and Noah.

Eleanor the matriarch instigated the first Friday night some years previously in order  to relieve the two single mums Lyndsey and Paula ostensibly to give them a change of scene – but it seems it had been as much for Eleanor as it had been for them….she needed something to do and focus on now she was retired and had no family.

Gradually others are added to the mix including Jules, Lyndsey’s wayward and rather bohemian DJ of a sister. Paula adds a boyfriend, Karen adds a husband. The boyfriend appears to have a mild interest in Jules and Karen…….so will Friday nights survive? How many bottles of wine will need to be opened? Trollope’s wry and observant jaunt through modern day dilemmas could be a little too close to home for comfort for many readers I would guess, none the less an entertaining read or should I say listen?

My version was from ISIS publishing downloaded from ITunes.

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