My A to Z of St Augustine, Florida or 26 reasons why I love it!

This is by no means the definitive A to Z of St Augustine but it’s mine, yours would probably be different. I’d love to add to this so please add your ideas for any letter of the alphabet in the comments boxes below.

A is for the AIA Aleworks on the waterfront, where I have enjoyed both drinks and dinner. The service is great and the menu wide ranging. B has to be for all the birds we saw whilst watching the sunset on Anastasia Island, we saw heron and egrets and many more that we could not identify.

C is for the Flagler College and all the surrounding buildings that Flagler endowed. Beautiful style, a hint of Spanish and lovely shapes.

D has to be for the decking at Edgewater Inn where we sat on the rocking chairs both early morning and late afternoon, watching the boats, the men fishing and the crabs scuttling.

F is for the fort which we walked to on our first full day in the Florida sunshine in  St Augustine.

G is for the glass windows on the church near the square, nicely lit up in the evenings as we started our walk through the historic district of this lovely town, looking for ice cold beers and cocktails before dinner.

J is for the Old Jail which we glimpsed on the bus tour.

K is for the kisses I would have drawn on postcards before Face Time meant that postcards are obsolete for me.

L is for the lighthouse which was our last sight before leaving lovely St Augustine and heading south.img_6196

M is for the Mule my favourite drink of the road trip, served by AIA Aleworks in a lovely copper jug with a sprig of fresh mint, cheers.

N is for the night music on Thursday nights, free for all.

O is for O Steens for fish suppers on Anastasia.

P is for the Ponce de Leon which we walked over morning and night, to the Pirate Museum set amongst the lovely quirky buildings of the historic district which we walked and rode via the Red Bus tours.

S is is for the full sails on the ships gliding a long the waterfront.

T is for the brilliant red terracotta tiling on Flagler’s buildings.

U is for unusual shops such as Faux Paws, where we met with very good service and a St Augustine welcome.

X is for the Xeminez Fatio House where we learned what life was like for historic travellers.

Y is for the fountain of youth and Z…. well I need your help with that one! 



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