The Grey Traveller’s tips at Universal Studios Island’s of Adventure, Florida.

Despite being of mature years, yes The Grey Traveller enjoys an occasional visit to a theme park, especially one that boasts the home of Harry Potter. Here are my tips to survive the heat and the queues!

  • Buy tickets online before you travel.
  • Spend time the day before familiarising yourself with the park layout and the rides and shows that you want to see.
  • Arrive an hour early so that you are one of the first through the barriers.
  • Pay the extra for close parking (this will save a few minutes).
  • If it’s Harry Potter that you want to see, head there first and go via Zeus Landing. The Landing is open early albeit the rides are not available, you will then be met by a park ranger who will allow you through once the clock hits the right time.
  • Eat and drink earlier than the usual peak times……i.e. lunch at 11 before the main crowds. Dinner at four etc.
  • If the ride you want to try is more than 45 minutes queueing time go off and do something else, return later. Queues often ebb and flow and will drop when you least expect them too.
  • Do the wet rides last preferably after midday when the sun is at its highest and you can dry off. Most of the wet rides are at Toon Lagoon.
  • Follow the above and you should be done by mid afternoon, time for a drink at Universal City Walk before the early evening crowds arrive. By leaving mid afternoon you will also miss the heaviest traffic round Universal and Disney.
  • Have fun!



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