The added value of travel.

People travel or holiday for a number of reasons for me it is the unquenchable thirst for seeing new places, for others it’s the need to relax, destress and recharge batteries. Some people travel to learn a new skill, a new sport or dabble in an interest like painting or photography. Many travel to soak up a new culture or learn about the history of a place or region. Whatever the the reason it certainly does wonders for health and well being.

For me I also get the ‘value added’, I love the planning and researching places to visit, I love the research of possible itinerarys (don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan every minute as I like the unexpected too!) …….. and I also enjoy the after glow…..the looking at pictures, the reflections on the trip and the discussions with other avid travellers about the highs and lows. So it’s not just the travel it’s all the other stuff that makes travelling good for the soul, well at least it does for the Grey Traveller’s! How about you?

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