Author’s chats with Kitty Neale

Thank you to Kitty Neale for sharing her thoughts on reading and getting published.

…and once again Enid Blyton stars heavily on favourite childhood authors although Lewis Carroll’s Alice books also had a lasting impression with Kitty.
Books that remain in memory from my childhood are, Alice through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I also loved Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift. Earlier I read books by other authors too, such as Enid Blyton and enjoyed The Famous Five series, but the scenes and illustrations that remain entrenched in my mind come from Carroll and Swift”.
To bring us up to current favourite authors Kitty says “It’s impossible to name a favourite author. I love so many, but I tend to read thrillers as I don’t want to unconciously use another saga writers ideas. I have read so many wonderful books by a myriad of fabulous authors and its lovely to know that so many more await me”.
img_6030I asked Kitty what inspired or what continues to inspire her own writing, “I think my inspiration mosly comes from people. I find the human psyche fascinating, for instance the way we act in different circumstances and how our experiences can shape us. I like to put my characters in situations, that, though difficult, they can triumph over, learn from and grow”….certainly we saw this in Kitty’s Lost Angel as the main characters showed resilience and fortitude during the second world war on the home front.
I’m always intrigued how other authors discipline them selves particularly when it comes to deadlines and how they are able to ‘cut’ off from the outside world especially if writing at home. Kitty writes in the spare bedroom/cum office  “I usually try to start work soon after breakfast and continue, with a break for lunch if I remember to eat, until around four thirty. If I am so embroiled in the story that I forget the time, which often happens, my lovely hubby will eventually stick his head around the door to ask if I intend to cook our dinner”.
Kitty came to writing later in life …….”The tragic loss of my son led me to writing as I found that I could bury my grief for a while in the lives of my characters. By then I was in my late fifties and when my first book was finished I sent it to some literary agents, expecting only rejection slips. One of those agents liked it and went on to secure a three book contract with a publisher. That book was A Cuckoo in Candle Lane and it will always hold a special place in my heart”.
I asked Kitty what she was working on at the moment “I have recently  finished writing another book, and at the moment I am editing it before sending it off to my publisher. Then, after a short break, with a new story and characters buzzing around in my head, I will start my next one”.
Kitty passes this on to would be authors and writers keen to get started …….”As for tips for aspiring authors, I would say learn how to format a book and then put pen to paper or fingers on keys and give it a go. I had no idea I could write and with my education I don’t consider myself a literary writer.  I am just a story teller, but this didn’t stop me from being published. I won’t say its going to be easy, and many great writers faced lots of rejection slips before finding a publisher, but they persisted and you may need to do the same. I wish you luck and success”.
A Mother’s Sacrifice has just been published by Avon Books UK a list of Kitty’s books can be found Here





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