The Grey Traveller Saturday read.

Today’s Telegraph magazine must have been designed for The Grey Traveller as it was all about me…..well I might be exaggerating a little but definitely all the articles were well chosen for someone like me. A mature and frequent traveller who likes to people watch. It had all the ingredients to make me smile and sate my travel thirst from people watching observations, beauty products when travelling, a list of romantic deluxe hotels and ideas for future travels.

Celia Walden kick starts the mag off with a wry look at fellow travellers and oh how I sympathised, empathised and laughed with her comments. I like travelling and watching but not necessarily entering into a new found friendship high in the sky in fact for me its an ideal time to have ‘me time’ because when else do I get 12 back to back hours to watch uploaded episodes of Mad Men on my iPad and read a novel?

I then ogled over Lisa Armstrong’s  inflight beauty bag, I just travel on board with some eye cream and moisturiser in small pots but if travelling in style I love to rummage through the inflight freebies which some airlines dispense……I was certainly impressed with British Airway’s offerings on a recent flight back from Montreal.

Clearly I have a lot of travel left in me as I hadn’t been to any of the top 50 romantic hotels or indeed Columbia the colourful featured story for this weekend. So thanks to Celia, Lisa and the Telegraph that was one quality read today.

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