The Light Between Oceans ~ M L Stedman

I can understand why so many copies of M L Stedman’s book has been sold as it’s a right heart and gut wrencher ….. and it just had to be made into a film. It has all the ingredients for a brilliant story, love, history, isolation, mystery and a secret. My god that’s one hell of a secret to keep and I can understand why.

Set in the author’s backyard of Western Australia there is a baby needing a home and there they are Izzy and Tom are childless, well what would you do? the blurb on the back says “They break the rules and follow their hearts. What happens next will break yours”, of that there is no doubt.

Cliche I know but it’s a definite page turner and one that will keep you awake at night trying to finish the story hoping against all hope that………… well that would be telling, this isn’t a spoiler type post, you must read it for yourself.

Published by Black Swan and available in paperback, this is M L Stedman’s first novel.

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