Lost Angel ~ Kitty Neale

img_6030A Sunday Times Bestseller – This could be a story in many families lives, of heartbreak and celebration during the second world war and the austere years that followed.

Hilda is a London woman through and through and she is reluctant to leave the city to dodge the bombs, but after losing her parents during one night of a heavy German attack her husband encourages her to leave for the sake of their daughter Ellen.

Ellen settles into country life but Hilda is unsure, shaken by events which occur between herself and an old friend she is keen to return to London. Her husband is missing and Ellen is growing up so Hilda is a lost soul for sometime.

As in all stories, there are times for celebration and twists of fate as the family finds themselves back in the country again. Will it work this time? or is there more that life throws at them? Kitty Neale has captured the home front woes but the front cover hook of  ‘Hope never dies’ is so right.

Published by Avon Books UK


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