The Two Best Bars in Down Town Montreal

The two best bars in Montreal are the quaintly old fashioned  Dominion Taverne and the trendy upscale  Je Suis Enfant Terrible.

Those of you that regularly read The Grey Traveller know that I love a tall building especially when visiting a new city. It’s the ideal way to get the lay of the land, to understand the shape of a city and to organise what you what to do and see whilst visiting, maybe its the geographer in me but I love to see how a city grows, how a river cuts through and how areas have different styles of building etc.

So nearly as soon as I touched down I headed for Au Sommet in Place de Ville Marie in downtown Montreal. You are whisked away up 44 storeys and reach a vestibule for coats and your first glimpse of a bird’s eye view of this lovely Canadian city, made extra special by a thick layer of newly laid snow, I was in heaven, well I felt close having reached the dizzy heights of a skyscraper.

The staff are friendly and they found me a cosy stool by the bar whilst I sipped a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon and took in the views. Great ambience, a mix of family, work colleagues and friends were eating lunch and the mix works well. I made a second visit in my short stay in the city and I can not recommend it enough.

For a complete contrast and actually not that far away on Metcalfe I found the little Dominion Taverne a bar recommended by colleagues back in blighty.

Gold, marble and mirrors give a welcome glow on a snowy day and again I had a nice seat at the bar where I watched the waiters mix and twist the afternoon away over yet another Sauvignon. I loved the ladder on wheels which is used to reach the high bottles and I loved the brass washstand in the ladies toilet down below the bar.

Like all Montreal folk we met the staff were friendly and it offered a warm welcome after the cut and thrust of St Catherine’s and sales shoppers.

If I get back to that city one day I will get back to both of those bars, but meanwhile I will recommend both to you…….cheers!


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