All I ever wanted~ Lucy Dillon

Easy chick lit read with the hook “Sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need” on the snowy scene front cover.

It tells the tale of Caitlin and her children lurching through life’s ups and downs and what appears to be a pending split of family. Her mother is always tut tutting in the background as Caitlin races to get her children to school on time, allows her phone battery to die and heaven forbid finds herself working in a cafe…something that Mum hadn’t dreamt of for Caitlin.

‘Fancy’  Nancy Caitlin’s four year old daughter suddenly stops speaking and Caitlin is heart broken that her life’s tribulations has brought this on, meanwhile her older son takes on being the man of the household but equally blunders and sings his way over the top of the hiccups. There is a husband in the background as well as a potential boyfriend but who will win her heart in the end?

Nancy makes friends with her aunt’s two pugs Bumble and Bee and auntie meanwhile has her own bridges to cross. They meet the journey end with what you can only imagine is a super sized friends and family hug.

Good read on a wintery weekend ……..must find some more Lucy Dillons!

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