Meon Valley Alpacas

New year, new experiences and nothing comes better then getting up close and friendly with an alpaca!

Karen opens her farm to visitors so that they too can experience these shy South Americans. On an Alpaca experience you will have two hours to learn about them, help feed, lead and walk them as well as fall in love with these fluffy creatures of different shades of white and grey, chocolate and honey and all with a name a piece.

Located in Droxford in Hampshire’s Meon Valley the farm is easy to find from Midlington Hill. Karen met us on a chilly January morning and we were soon in the fields baling hay and haylage to eager females who were waiting patiently for breakfast.

We broke the ice on the feeding troughs and wheelbarrowed haylage from farm to field. We met the young alpacas who were just as eager to see food if not us…but once they realised that in fact we were ‘alright’ they came for a closer look.

Karen also told us about how she cares for the alpacas and how each days she observes and looks out for potential illness or problems.

They are a happy bunch and keen to meet you. Easy to organise an experience on line at their  website and plenty of nearby pubs to enjoy lunch at in the Meon Valley.

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