Simply Argan’s – Argan Infused Shower Gel

With a glitzy upscale deep purple bottle this shower gel  would enhance any bathroom cabinet or shower shelf.

Argan Infused Shower Gel has a pump dispenser and just like all the Simply Argan  products you only need a tiny amount to lather yourself pretty with its rich creamy texture.

This left my skin feeling soft which is quite a luxury given the current wintery season when skin tends to scale and itch with dryness. Argan oil helps to moisturise the body and combat those problems.

It has a shelf life of 12 months so you can save this shower gel for special occasions or the weekend if you want, but once tried I think you will want to use this gel more frequently. 250ml goes a long way so enjoy.

You can purchase this and other Simply Argan products online and gain customer loyalty points. Shower gel brought right to your doorstep!

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