Is it worth flying first class?

Factors  to consider…….

  • How long is your flight?
  •  Business Class versus First Class?
  • Do you want to eat and drink yourself senseless before a flight?
  • Do you appreciate quiet areas to relax in pre flight or prefer the rough and tumble of duty free shopping?

So is it worth paying top dollar for a  first class flight? Well  maybe is my answer! …. and here’s why!

I have flown Business Class several times with British Airways long haul and other airlines short haul and and I can certainly vouch for the comfort and service offered. The best feature that Business Class and indeed First Class can offer for me is availability and accessibility to sleep so now on reflection I wouldn’t bother with upgrading on a short flight.

Long haul – I can sleep equally well on a Business Class bed as a First Class bed and it certainly kills the jet lag problem for me. Business Class lounges in (The Galleries) Heathrow are very comfortable with a wide range of hot and cold foods available, glossy magazines, current papers, soft and alcoholic drinks. I have experienced similar in Ataturk Airport, Istanbul and El – Prat, Barcelona. I truly believe the food available is dependent on if timings coincide with lunch or dinner………and going through customs for both Business and First there is often  a priority fast track line and a priority service on boarding with choice of pre flight drinks in the first few minutes.

So what do you get for First Class with British Airways? I was flying New York to London a flight just short of seven hours.

We had a comfortable lounge in JFK, soft seating, soft lighting and a range of canapés and sandwiches to eat and any choice of soft drinks and alcohol. The flights were called within the lounge which meant you didn’t have to leave your comfortable seat until boarding was called and of course priority boarding was available. It was a fairly small lounge though big enough for the guests there and I felt compared to other lounges the food offered was limited but I wasn’t hungry so it was no big deal for me. It was also after 7.30pm so post dinner for most people. There are of course bathroom facilities and free wifi. It is with no doubt a relaxing atmosphere and coincidentally not far to the gate which we were leaving from.

Once boarded we were greeted with champagne, complimentary pyjamas (navy blue and so my colour!) and toiletry bags……..ooh I am a sucker for free toiletries and I do rave over these.

  • Foldaway brush and mirror combo
  • Eye shades
  • Toothbrush and 25g of Colgate toothpaste (Which is what I use at home so another plus point here BA!
  • Cotton pads
  • Mini Aromatherapy Associates Deodorant Stick, Rose Cleanser,Orange Flower Hand Lotion,Hydrating Moisturising Lip Balm,Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser,Hydrating Firming Eye Gel.

Along with a solid pen….and all in a a neat good quality very much reusable toiletry bag (Thank you BA!)image

Media screen was large and easy to swivel at an angle suiting traveller, a push of a button darkens or lightens the window, and again easy with a push button manipulation to flatten bed which has a pillow and a cushion. When you are ready the stewardess insists on making the bed for you and supplies mini duvets for under and over….. I slept well. My Fitbit said 3 and 1/2 hours so approximately half the flying time.

A menu lists the food on offer, and if like me you didn’t each much you are offered an alternative in case you didn’t like the original……..the food was first class I just wasn’t hungry at half ten at night.

Suitcases were quick off the carousel at Heathrow as they are priority so I was soon on my way.

So would I choose First Class again? Yes every time! I love the luxury that this affords but only if the price is right and the flight longer than a hop over the pond ……flying London to Far East makes better sense flying First or Business as flights are longer at roughly 12 hours and therefore I would hope to get a ‘night’s sleep if possible.

Thank you BA until the next time.

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