The Potter’s House – Rosie Thomas

IMG_2972.jpg    Rosie Thomas inspired my trip to Egypt after reading Iris and Ruby which was set in Cairo ….I didn’t actually get to Cairo as I ended up in Aswan and Luxor but hey ho! I will get to Cairo one day. …Meanwhile The Potter’s House is giving me an urge to see Greece again, the front cover is very Santorini like and the tale was very unusual set of course in The Potter’s House on a Greek Island.

Cary or Kitty as she is later known finds herself washed up on a Greek island after escaping the aftermath of a tsunami. She soon fits into the tight knit island community and in particular Olivia’s family.

Cary has left behind a comfortable albeit dull life in London where she had found herself  both childless and latterly  husbandless so she has nothing to lose when she decides to take on a slightly different persona after the tsunami catastrophe.

However as time goes on both Olivia and others begin to question this newcomer and are not so impressed or comfortable with her company and this causes Cary to question her own existence on this tiny island. Does she stay or does she go?



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