Summer Secrets – Jane Green

I was reading Summer Secrets slap bang in the middle of winter whilst in Canada surrounded by snow so a little Nantucket sunshine was very welcome. Jane Green had previously whetted my appetite for East coast summers in the Beach House so I knew that Summer Secrets would not let me down.

Alcoholism is the strand running through this story, from crazy London party nights to the more ‘sobering’ family spats big time. Cat doesn’t believe that drink is the cause of her problems she believes she can kick the habit anytime she wants…….

Life brings her up short when she discovers that the dad she didn’t get on with was in fact not her dad and like her mother makes a trip to Nantucket one summer.

Indeed Cat makes two journeys  to Nantucket, home of cute little shops, weathered beach houses and fabulous beaches. The first journey is to meet her ‘new family’ and the second many years later is to apologise to the family that that she had nearly become a member of.

Oh there are many more surprises and love twists but that is what you would expect in a book called Summer Secrets. 



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