The Grand Cafe, Oxford~ my guilty secret!

Graciously the Grand Cafe in Oxford sits on the High Street, an elegant facade of teal and gold twinkles at passers by…….. And passers by have been doing just that for close on 370 years as apparently according to one of the gents who serve, there has been a cafe there since 1650.

In fact when my coffee and crumpets arrived I read on my china that it was believed to be the oldest site of a coffee house in England. One can imagine horse and carriages stopping outside or indeed fine young gentlemen students craving a break from studies stopping by.

I call it my guilty secret because each time I visit Oxford I find myself drawn there for a late breakfast, an early lunch or indeed a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Whatever the reason I can be sure of fine service and vittles.

Inside the decor is all gold and marble with luxurious mirrors, candelabra and  a bar the entire length of the cafe. The waiters are dressed impeccably in black and their service is deferential and keen.

I feel slightly haughty when I open the door as I leave the hustle and bustle on the street and glide through that wondrous door. I sink into the ambience which could be twenties Cunard and I feel whisked away in the relaxing upscale theatre that can only be offered at The Grand and it’s grand I feel until I have to leave.

Until the next time, au revoir, arrivederci, so long. Hush let’s keep it a secret, my guilty secret because I will be back for more.

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