University church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford a photographers opportunity.

Dismal day in December in Oxford and generally there isn’t enough light for a decent photograph with the greyish hue in the  skies. However as a visitor to Oxford I am always finding something new and my recent visit was no exception as I found the University church of St Mary the Virgin open to all comers so I hopped in off the High Street.

I discovered some pretty stained glass windows, a shop and entrance to the tower. The gent behind the desk confirmed it was a good day to climb the 140 steps as it was quiet . So after handing over a couple of pounds I ascended.

Eventually reaching a narrow circuit round the tower I was up close and personal to church gargoyles and a heavenly view of dreaming spires.

Whilst the sky wasn’t blue there was some mist in the distance  and local chimneys were spouting smoke in the cold air….. beautiful  scenes for me to capture.

Oh I will return when the light is brighter or the sky bluer but my    first  foray up high was  a brilliant introduction to those dreaming spires at a different angle… So glad I did it.

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