Unexpected art and fun things to photograph in Oxford.

It’s the little things that often please the most. Whilst on a day trip to Oxford recently several things made me smile…….. and I’m sharing them with you!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say, so I’m saying art is in the eye of the beholder and whilst  I could show you lots of beautiful architecture of this city of dreaming spires.(… that can wait for another post). I’m going to show you the less usual.

I had arrived early in Oxford hence the dark photos above but I think it adds to the ‘spookiness’ of this dilapidated notice bollard in Gloucester Green bus station! I popped my head round a corner and came across some perhaps more conventional art in The Chequers alley just off the High Street. A pretty welcome with chequered bunting and colourful art on the wall, all leading down to a courtyard for outside drinking on warmer days.

I also enjoy photographing shop windows particularly at Christmas and one of the best was Podarok a beautiful shop with interesting and unusual gifts and somewhere I also drift to down the High Street. However their window full of bags was definitely easy on my eye…..and if he who likes to think he is obeyed is reading….maybe a hint here or three!

Another spot that caught my eye was the covered market particularly the butchers as their Xmas displays were especially eye-catching.

I also spotted this tuk tuk in Thaikhun, a Thai restaurant near the bus station……I think I need to visit next time and photograph the decorations inside. img_7833

If you have any unusual Oxford art or things that make you smile, please comment below. They can be added with a link back to your website or blog post.img_5110

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