The A to Z of St Peter Port or 26 reasons to visit!


A is for the airport just 15 minutes from the town….how convenient is that!

B is for the bunting that decorates the Old Quarter and the bus you can catch that takes you around Guernsey for just one pound.

C is for Constitution steps leading to great views of the Harbour and the Old Quarter also Castle Cornet which protects the Harbour.. C is also for Clarence Battery, the outpost protecting the town.

D is for Dix Neuf the brasserie which offers lunch and dinner a busy hub for meeting and greeting in St Peter Port. D is also for the beautiful domed building that is now Lloyds Bank.


E is for the English Channel where Guernsey is located.

F is for fishing boats that bob up and down in the harbour and is also for Fermain Bay easily reached along the coastal path.

G is for Guernsey cows that provide of milk on the island and also that contribute to that glorious local ice cream.

G is for the glass bow fronted shops maintaining a hint of yesteryear in the town.

H is for harbour which looks after the boats setting sail for Herm and Sark and the fishing boats that bring in the fresh fish for the local restaurants.

I is for ice cream, locally made from those gorgeous Guernsey cows.


J is for jaunty because that’s how you will feel after 24 hours of sea air, climbing steps and eating fresh fish.

K is for killer thighs that you will have after exercising up and down those cobbled streets.

L is for light house atop of the rocks.

M is for museum, La Vallette housing an array of war memorabilia.


N is for nautical.

O is for the Old Quarter with cobbles and boutiques.

P is for pound, one pound only for the round the island bus ticket.

R is for the glut of quality restaurants serving local fish.

S is for all the steps in this steep little city and for glorious sunsets and sunrises.

T is for the Tourism office who will provide maps and information about local attractions and transport.

U is for underground which is where La Valette is , a huge store of war memorabilia on the sea front.

V is for the views over the sea to Herm and Sark also for Victor Hugo whose house you can visit and the victorian swimming baths where you can still swim.

W is for wall, sea wall, where the sea splashes over when the tide is in. W is also for all the walks you can make along the coast.


X id for? well you tell me in the comment boxes below!

Yachts that are lit up at night and decorate the harbour.

Z is for Ziggurat a Moroccan themed hotel and restaurant three quarters of the way up the Constitution steps.


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