Kiva Dunes at Gulf Shores

Phew!  arriving at a beach house cosily called Seabreeze the squashy ocean turquoise and taupe coloured sofas were very much welcomed after an intense few days in New Orleans. Don’t get me wrong The Grey Traveller loved all the hullabaloo that NOLA offers but a tried and tested formula of a Grey Travel road trip is neatly including a couple of rest and recreation days and this time it came nicely in the form of Seabreeze a beach house on the Kiva Dunes estate on Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Wide avenues of large pastel coloured beach houses on roads such as Blue Heron Close lead down to boardwalks where you can easily slip between the maram grasses and white sandy dunes down to the ocean froth. The beaches are very quiet and you can see for miles. The intensity of the last few days nicely whipping away in the sea breezes.

We were well looked after in our beach house with balconies both sides to catch the sun or the shade with BBQ’s and gas to suit our simple cooking needs.

Loved the southern drawl of the passersby and the easy laid back lifestyle that our beach house offered.



There are golf courses and swimming pools on the Kiva estate and a twenty minute run to the supermarket to refill your food stocks. Can’t wait to get back and say How y’all it’s been too long!img_5838


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