My first taste of absinthe.

My first taste of absinthe was in New Orleans…. To be fair it will probably be my last taste! Trying a glass of absinthe has been on my bucket list for sometime and in my head I imagined a luminous green thick liquid which when swirled round the glass would stick. I imagined a dark bar down some gloomy cellar steps and the first mouthful would be like fire down the back of my throat!

Instead I was treated to a theatrical show of absinthe tasting in a friendly low lit bar in New Orleans. The Pirates Alley Cafe is wedged between Bourbon Street and Jackson Square and the friendly bar lady introduced us to the art of absinthe drinking. I made a choice of something like a 112percent proof, a shot is then poured into a wine glass and then a sugar cube is suspended over this glass whilst water is then carefully run through from a fancy jar which wouldn’t look out of place in Dr Jekyl’s lab.

When the procedure was complete the tasting began and yes I felt that burning of liquorice on my tongue. I probably won’t try it again but I have another tick on the list and a fond memory of a friendly bar happy to serve me. Thank you Pirates Alley and thank you NOLA.

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