The Grand Cafe, Oxford~ my guilty secret!

Graciously the Grand Cafe in Oxford sits on the High Street, an elegant facade of teal and gold twinkles at passers by…….. And passers by have been doing just that for close on 370 years as apparently according to one of the gents who serve, there has been a cafe there since 1650. In fact […]

Kiva Dunes at Gulf Shores

Phew!  arriving at a beach house cosily called Seabreeze the squashy ocean turquoise and taupe coloured sofas were very much welcomed after an intense few days in New Orleans. Don’t get me wrong The Grey Traveller loved all the hullabaloo that NOLA offers but a tried and tested formula of a Grey Travel road trip is neatly […]

Liverpool at Christmas

Uber impressed with the Christmas lights in Liverpool they are show stoppingly spectacular, dead classy they are! Fist visit to the city in fifty years and I was not disappointed for a number of reasons. I didn’t come to see the lights but so glad I did! As the sun went down at about four […]