Purple Plane, Purple Plane!

Flybe to the moon, let me play among the stars,let me see what spring is like, on a jupiter and mars……… OK a play on Frank Sinatra’s famous lines curtesy of Bart Howard. But yes The Grey Traveller hopped on a purple plane at Southampton Airport and swooped down low to Guernsey in half an hour. Certainly island hopping at it’s best.

I really should take advantage more of my local regional airport as it’s only half an hour away, easy parking and a range of destinations to savour but you know I have only used it five times in my fifty plus years. My pledge is to use it a little more frequently and research what Southampton has to offer for next year.

The long stay car parking can be pre booked and the slick arrangement as you arrive makes parking and departure at the airport really easy. The long stay car parking is serviced by a very regular and friendly bus service and all you need to do is to remember which letter of the alphabet your car is parked in. Alternatively the airport is conveniently situated alongside the M27 and both train and bus stations so the transport infrastructure makes flying from this regional airport super easy.

Being a regional airport, the departures check in is quiet and there are staff to assist if you need help with the self service machines. Before you know it travellers are airside, admiring the views of the planes and doing your duty free shopping. If it’s a domestic flight you only need to check in an hour before take off…..am I selling this to you?

Just a small plane and you are quickly seated, drinks and eats are offered for purchase as are duty free items.

Being  a reader I lapped up the Flybe  inflight magazine and was definitely impressed with the quality of the articles. I was especially entranced with the colourful article about Shrimoyee Chakraboty and her new Bengali restaurant Calcutta Street and even though I am not a lover of curries, this inspired me to make another pledge and make a visit because something tells me that Shrimoyee might change my mind with the food she has to offer…yes London  and Calcutta Street I am on my way.

The inflight magazine wasn’t the only reading material that I found! The airport Breeze magazine winter 2016 edition added to my weekend reading material and has fired up my regional airport 2017 pledge of getting to Munich, Amsterdam and Edinburgh at the very least.

So here’s to regional airports lets big it up for easy travelling!

If you are interested in where I laid my head please look at Hotel Ziggurat. a really yummy boutique hotel and if interested in what I did please look at  Guernsey Any questions please comment below!

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