When tourists let us travellers down – Abbey Road the remake!

I could not believe it! Finally got to Abbey Road after 40 years of being on my bucket list and a group of young tourists made it impossible for others to enjoy the moment. They constantly ran across the road on that famous zebra crossing getting in the way of both traffic and other sightseers. In fact I saw one young lady run into a car how she avoided injury I don’t know. Well in fact I do the driver was extremely skilled and calm.

People were waiting patiently to cross when there wasn’t any traffic when this group were walking to the middle of the zebra, cutting across others and posing. It was embarrassing and selfish.

Abbey Road wasn’t my favourite Beatles album with its kookie Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, low deep Come Together and the rather odd Octopus’s Garden but it has one of the most recognised and iconic album sleeves across the world. That shows the The Grey Traveller‘s age me thinks!

So Paul I let you down I wanted to take off my shoes and walk in your footsteps across Abbey Road, I wanted to take myself back to that seventies teenage bedroom with a stereo on a whitewood stacking system, instead I found myself annoyed that some pipsqueaks who would not have been born when you hung up your Beatles t shirt for that last time were so rude to others.

Have other travellers felt ashamed or let down when on the road? wherever in the world? I’d be pleased to read your comments below – lets make a stand! Come together right now!



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