Thorney Island, Hampshire.

Thorney Island is synonymous  with the RAF but it is open to visitors who want to walk the coastal path around the island. With views across to Hayling Island and a possible glimpse of a seal this is a great 8/9 mile walk. (I have to admit that I haven’t seen a seal but I know a man who has!).

Thorney is on the south coast of England not far from Emsworth and Chichester. We started the walk at the entrance to the island and there is a small conveniently placed car park here. Being a coastal route it can get very wet and the path way is uneven…. as with all walks you have to assess whether it is suitable for you….and check that you can access it because of tides and flooding etc. This post is not so much about how to do the walk but the views that you might see in the area.

The walk was very definitely suited to The Grey Traveller and I’ve completed it a couple of times in the summer months so can not comment on access etc for the entire year can only comment on the two times I visited the area.

There are gateways which you have to request access through but I haven’t had a problem with this. Being an island it’s a convenient circular walk and easy to follow…..I did’t get lost once!

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