Brendan Rendall update – yes he made it! to Land’s End!

I had the good luck to meet Brendan Rendall in June this year whilst I was in Malawi volunteering at a secondary school with Friends of Mulanje Orphans. He and Emma Timmis were preparing for Brendan’s run of the entire length of Malawi to raise funds to build a science and art block for the FOMO Independent Secondary School. Emma was supporting him by cycling alongside. Their  hard work paid off and the school are now looking forward to a valuable resource to aid their pupil’s learning.

And where is he now? What is he doing? Well doing what he does best. He is two runs/two days off completing a John O Groats to Lands End run. The weather has been with him these last 32 days….did I just say 32? Yes he has been running each day for over a month to reach his goal. Why is he doing it? to continue supporting  FOMO and this time the money will go towards building a hostel at the school for the boys.

I taught in that school where some pupils are lucky enough to have paper and a pen whilst others are not, where children were so grateful for some ripped out sheets of an exercise book I had brought from home just typing makes me shed a tear. Not one child wasn’t grateful for my time there and indeed for Brendan’s sheer hard work in raising funds as they know the difference it can make. If they can have an education they have a chance of a decent paid job in the future.

The girls are proud of their hostel and they showed a colleague and myself around it. They keep it clean and tidy in the toilets and showers as well as their own rooms. I hope the boys get their hostel too.

So I say go Brendan go, I am looking forward to seeing that iconic Land’s End photo in two days time.

Post Script – yes he made it! Well done Brendan!

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