Style of Wight Magazine

PLove a free magazine on the hoof, particularly one so stylish as Style of Wight which I was lucky enough to see at the Caledon Guest House in Cowes recently. This little gem of an island  broken off from the south coast here in the UK is a walkers and travellers delight. You probably read The Isle of Wight Coastal Path – Yarmouth (4 miles), and Cruising with Wightlink.where I sing its praises….and yes more singing praises to Isle of Wight to come!

Style of Wight magazine is glossy, very good quality paper and heavy so for a reader and a nosey traveller one at that it suited me fine. I need to know what is round the corner, what an area has to offer and the best places to eat and walk…and Style of Wight ticks all the boxes.

The September slash October  edition of Style of Wight hooked me in from the front cover which had a hint of Brief Encounter about it with a wistful girl leaning out of a train window. I was later to read that she was sporting latest fashions which can be picked up from island shops.

Style of Wight has introduced me to a new author Deborah McDonald and I can not wait to read her latest publishing of A very Dangerous Woman. I’m very sorry to have missed the Isle of Wight Gin Festival but lets hope it’s on next year…. let me know pleaseeeeeeeeee!

There are profiles on destinations on the island, foraging tips from Bryony Rust (what a beautiful name and so suited to her autumn article!) and historic tales of Wight…..well loads more…….

Yes Style of Wight can’t wait to get back if only to read your magazine, cheers! This post  will also be published on The Grey Bookworm.

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