The Isle of Wight Coastal Path – Yarmouth (4 miles)

Four mile walk (approx)

I live right opposite the Isle of Wight and in my life time haven’t visited it anywhere near enough so after a recent visit I now pledge to explore this island much more.

Crossing The Solent from Portsmouth The Grey Traveller languished in a chilled atmosphere in the lounge aboard a  Wightlink ferry. With great views of Gunwharf Quays as we chugged out of the harbour I was equally looking forward to the next Grey Adventure as well as willing the lush Solent crossing never to end!

A slick disembarkment at Fishbourne and we were soon stepping back in time to emptier roads and a slower way of life. We parked up just outside of Yarmouth on the western coast and started our walk.

The Coastal Path is clearly sign posted and it led us through the village square, we distracted ourselves with the fishing pier and a walk round the square with a view to a drinking stop on our return.

The route returned us to the sea and we crossed the River Yar catching great views of the yachts in the harbour and further up the river estuary. There is a short walk around the estuary if you want to lengthen your visit in Yarmouth. (I haven’t done it so can’t comment).

We made our way onto the shoreline and here is yet another walking distraction! Norton Spit, a short walk and a boat trip offered to get you back into town should you feel the need.

With the sun beginning to drop we were keen to walk to the next headland which is the site of what is left of Victoria Fort. From here you have a clear and very close view of the mainland and another spit of land poking out almost as if it wants to prod the Island. Hurst Castle is Victoria Fort’s ‘cousin’ which protected The Solent from the mainland side of the water.

Victoria Fort offers a cafe and a resting  point but we chose to turn back and retrace our steps to Yarmouth and a gin and tonic. We stopped off in The Bugle an old coaching house conveniently located in the square, walk right through and you can sit outside on the large patio or garden area. Loved the quotes on the walls!

The route is 4 miles in total, we found parking easy just before we reached Yarmouth, walking is more or less flat, but part of it is along the shoreline so suitable walking shoes are needed.


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