Nottoway Plantation House ~ or my Gone With The Wind moment!

IMG_5590.JPGOh my how grand is Nottoway House, from the minute you leave the freeway and enter the  drive you know that you have arrived big style.

Our home for the night was a whitewood cottage on this beautiful estate. We chose a cottage so that we could sit on the verandah in a rocking chair and watch the sun go down and maybe sip mint juleps….well I didn’t sip mint juleps but I certainly swigged some Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc, maybe not a local delicacy but something I sourced in a local supermarket!

I had always wanted to visit the southern states of America to see how Scarlett lived and whilst this plantation house was near to New Orleans and not Atlanta I still dreamed that I could run down a sweeping staircase in a beautiful satin gown. I didn’t have a satin gown in my suitcase but I did keep saying ‘Oh Ashley’ in my best southern drawl and I was certainly wide eyed like Melanie as I wandered the estate and the main house.

I digress! Inside the cottage was old fashioned glamour with modern facilities, beautiful furnishings in a large bedroom right next to a modern bathroom and shower, we could not ask for more.


Facilities which we used included the outdoor pool set in the immaculate grounds. We also used the restaurant for both dinner and breakfast. Nottoway’s Mansion Restaurant is in the main building and set in the beautiful sweep of the semi circular wing.

Pre dinner I par took of the Gin Genie Cocktail which I believe was a heady mix of gin, mint and a blackberry liqueur, very refreshing and easy on the eye. My main course was a seared salmon salad and one of the best I have ever eaten, the unusual pineapple salad complimented the fish with a unique twist of sweetness and a recipe I must source to try at home.


We were fortunate enough to have a window table for breakfast so we could look out on the grounds whilst eating from their sumptuous buffet and I personally recommend their pancakes – the melt in the mouth variety for sure!

We had time to explore and found the family graveyard in a small corner dedicated to the Randolphs and with access to visitors. Guests are able to purchase a $15 self guided audio tour of the house and for me my favourite room was the grand white one with you’ve

guessed it white walls, furnishings, walls and ceiling decorated with gold accessories. I learned of the cotton trade and then the swap to sugar cane in the area……but I won’t give away anything else!

So only one night at Nottoway but a night to remember for sure as we tiptoed in the darkened ballroom whilst he who can tinkle the ivories certainly did, we walked back to the cottage with the moon above us and stars in our eyes. Thank you Nottoway for our first taste of southern hospitality, you certainly spoiled us!




10 thoughts on “Nottoway Plantation House ~ or my Gone With The Wind moment!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I didn’t see much of Louisiana and fortunately missed the flooding. These old plantation houses are grand and probably have a lot of stories to tell if only we knew! The trouble when you travel is that often you only scratch the surface and leave you wanting more!

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to stay! our cottage looks very and cute and the mansion house looks very posh! really stunning. Never been to the southern states of America. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful building. The big curved balconies made me think of the White House a little. How appropriate that there be two rocking chairs out on the porch. Seeing some plantations in the Deep South is definitely on my list of things to do in the States. #FeetDoTravel

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  3. What a fascinating place to stay. I love staying places which have some history and character as it adds an extra element for me to explore. I’m also enjoy learning about history. I will have to check this place out one day.

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    1. Yes it was fascinating, there are a few of these houses left in Louisiana but we thought this looked the grandest on line. There will be more posts about this trip soon. Happy travels.


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