Saving Bees in the UK

This is not strictly a Grey Traveller tale but one I’m sure will be of interest in many corners of the globe. In the UK we are being reminded from time to time that our bees are at risk. We all know that if we lose our bees we lose the process of pollination, we lose pollination, we lose plants, we lose gardens we lose crops. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

I can not remember whether I read this tip or heard it on the radio but we have ‘saved ‘ three bees in our garden by feeding still or drowsy bees with sugar water from a piece of foil. Allow them to crawl onto the foil and eventually their tongues will lap the syrup and as they gain strength they are the able to fly away.

Three may not seem many but it’s helping to save our local bee population. I would be interested in knowing if others are doing this? 

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