Mekong Delta Trip from Saigon.

It’s been a year and yes I miss Vietnam…. in fact I miss Asia big time as it hasn’t been on my travel schedule this year….. but hey here’s one post I missed so humour me and read this whilst I wallow in my memories of a great day out.

Les Rives Experiences collected us from our villa and dropped us at a central pier on the Saigon River. The speedboat zoomed past the city and we settled into a tasty breakfast and chilled Vietnamese coffee whilst our guide told us about river culture.

I was a little concerned,  OK a lot concerned about the amount of refuse dumped in the river and I certainly witnessed locals doing this. But this is western eyes looking but not western ears listening and understanding that at the moment they are not so environmentally aware or have refuse collections like we do…so until there is money enough to organise rubbish collection the river is the tip. Uncomfortable perhaps but Vietnam is still developing.

Our first stop off was at a few houses adjacent to the river where there was an incense stick business. They were all laid out drying and then stacked ready for transportation into the towns along the river as incense sticks are used in their millions in the local temples. IMG_0065.JPG

We then moved onto a farming area where we were introduced to the family and ….Bertie, well I named him Bertie! Bertie the Burmese python and we were offered the opportunity to hold it…. or should I say it held me!!! It was enormous, three men brought it along from the cage to the verandah and draped it around my shoulders. It wasn’t slimy, it was a ton of muscle flexing and relaxing on this daft woman….. still a tick off my bucket list!

Our guide took us to a small town and talked us around each stall, telling us what they were selling, what the products or spices were used for and introduced us to some of the stall holders. Mountains of rice and dried fish and lots of chuckles from the vendors when they saw our faces and answered our questions!

We were rather amused by an elderly gent who kept following us determined that we should buy some lottery tickets! We were taken into a beautiful blue temple and also into a cafe for shelter when it rained and still the elderly gent waited, I hope he got rid of his excess tickets later!

We had a marvellous lunch which was run by a local orphanage, we ate sping rolls, soup, rice, pork and a fish we believe was called elephant ears and all this washed down with coconut juice.

We did the Cu Chi Tunnels  tour with the same company and can recommend the service and the comfortable speed boats for both.


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