Brendan Rendall – #runMalawi

Who – Brendan Rendall  with the support of Emma Timmis both adventurers both keen to help others.

What – Brendan Rendall has run the length of Malawi and Emma has supported him by cycling alongside.

Where – Malawi is in Africa, a place in much need of our help, where many children have little to wear or eat and even less in the way of toys or educational equipment.

Why – To raise funds for an art and science block at FISS – Fomo Independent Senior School in Mulanje, Malawi. FOMO is the friends of Mulanji Orphans.

When – completed just a few days ago.

He’s done it, he’s made it, he has run the length of Malawi and then some. Well done Brendan it’s been an epic journey with many ups and downs but you completed more than 25 marathons in order to raise close on £28,000.

He is looking for £35000 which should cover most of the costs for this educational block at the school. The building has already started and the children there are excited at the prospect of this additional support for their education. If you can help Brendan help the school please make contact.



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