Bills(restaurant) and bees.


IMG_5016We have all read the recent articles about the concern for bees…. we therefore all know that we have much to lose if bees disappear from our gardens and the countryside … it was refreshing when I learned of Bills Restaurant‘s recent initiative promoting research about this insect  in collaboration with The Royal Botanical Society at Kew.

I was enjoying breakfast at the Oxford branch of Bills when my eyes were drawn to the pretty cocktail menu decorated in blue and pink. For everyone of their ‘Bees Knees’ cocktails sold 25p goes to Kew Science for their continued research about bees.

A ‘Bees Knees’ is made from gin,honey, lemon juice and Bills pink lemonade. I was disappointed that it was too early for a cocktail….even for The Grey Traveller but if I get the chance to be in Oxford again any time soon I will make damn sure the time is right.

Bills Restaurant can be found in St Michael’s Street, its a friendly spot with a unique interior and great vibe ….even at breakfast time. Bills is the bees knees for this blogger.

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