What is so special about Jo’burg airport?

Unusual airport is O. R. Tambo International….. to give it its full name. Having spent a two hour and a five hour transit period there recently I feel I know it reasonably well.

I’ll mention the one negative first which was unusual to find a lack of flight departure information. You more or less had to rely on your boarding pass for the gate number and then go to gate  and find out about delays or boarding etc. ….and then if gate is changed staff come and shout out warnings and tell you where to go …. in the nicest possible way! At the gate area marked A there is very little seating so many people resorted to using the floor.

However this aside I loved the shops and eateries here. With the British Pound at the time being strong against the Rand it meant our money seemed to offer a lot of purchase power. There is a wide variety of shops covering the usual airport criteria but the highlight has to be the Out of Africa store, if the large model of Nelson Mandela doesn’t entice you  the colours of their goods surely will.

There is a huge variety of tropical coloured china and ceramics, beautiful smelling soaps and candles and a huge range of very affordable jewellery. …….. I’m  hooked so much so that I’m thinking next year where shall I travel to which necessitates me visiting Jo’burg airport! I have never been so in love with an airport shop…..get me back there please travelling fairies!IMG_3653

The duty free shops are also well stocked with a huge range of goodies and again reasonably priced.

But the jewel in the airport crown has to be Mugg and Bean a cafe offering giant sized muffins, butter, cheese and jam and beautiful refilled coffee. Being British I hadn’t ever eaten cheese with a sweet muffin but when in Jo’burg do as the Jo’burgians do is what I say. The floor to ceiling glass meant a birds eye view of the runways and with complimentary magazines and extremely friendly staff this was a watering hole with a difference.

And so my two and five hour stop overs went quickly and were infact enjoyable. Until the next time hold that coffee Mugg and Bean and hope you still have my sized earrings in stock Out of Africa cos’ I’ll be back.



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