Alton to Chawton walk – short walk for a hot English day.


We don’t get many days when it is too hot to walk but Joan of St Mary’s Hall in Alton recommended this linear walk of less than three miles all on a flat terrain and no mud involved!

IMG_4888Starting from the The Butts which is like a large village green edged with picturesque cottages and a pub, head south on the Winchester Road.

The pathway takes you from the busy roads to a ‘tunnel’ which when you emerge you find yourself in a little piece of heavenly village (although you can still hear a faint thrum from the traffic).

There are no complex map directions to wrestle with as the road leads you straight into Chawton a picturesque village with roses around the door cottages and Jane Austen’s house.

You can continue walking past the pub, tea rooms and crossroads as this will lead to a pleasant recreation area and Chawton House.

We bumped into a party of American students clearly on the literary trail enjoying the heat and the carthorses on the Chawton estate. If you fancy dropping into Jane’s house I suggest an early in the day visit as this is a top spot for overseas visitors on coach trips.

Once you have had your fill of idyllic English scenery return to Alton retracing your footsteps.

Alton is a small market town with other buildings of note and more information can be found at the  Jane Austen Trail.

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