St Mary’s Hall~ Alton, Hampshire. England.

As soon as we crunched into the shingle drive we knew that we had chosen right. Joan our glorious landlady met us with a great smile and steaming cups of coffee whilst she settled us into Alton and our room for the night in The Tower at St Mary’s Hall.

What makes a perfect bed and breakfast stay over for me is friendliness and location and St Mary’s Hall has oodles of both.

Alton is a small market town conveniently located at the end of a Waterloo, London line and also firmly positioned on the Jane Austin literary trail. This is why Joan welcomes many overseas visitors as Alton gives you a slice of England with a fast train to the capital.

St Mary’s Hall is as it sounds a church hall building fixed with luxury fittings and home to Joan and hubby and the many guests that stay. We chose our bespoke breakfast that evening and then sunk onto our bed for a rest before venturing into Alton, a stones throw from the hall. Our bed was so deep and comfortable, the tray laden with tea/coffee/hotchoc/water and biscuits and the bathroom equipped with all that you might need if you have forgotten things from home.

I’m not surprised that Joan’s hospitality has earned her number one position on TripAdvisor. The following morning she deftly arranged us guests around a table designed to make you feel at home with other guests and gave us details on a local walk.

I hope I have reason to visit Alton again as St Mary’s Hall is beckoning me to come back soon.


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