4th of July and why this Brit loves the US of A


And so it’s the 4th of July and every American anywhere is celebrating their independence and so it only seems fitting that I should celebrate my love of the USA in recognition of this special day. So here goes……….

  1. Service in shops, cafes, theme parks and hotels is always exceptional, you Americans do service so well and you end the conversation with Have a nice day so sincerely.
  2. Your country is so diverse, but I guess being big lends itself to variation from the deserts of the south west to the Everglades of the south, your landscape is amazing.
  3. I love the life guard huts on your beaches they are so cool and soooooooo Hoff!
  4. There always seems to be plenty of places to park…. well I’m clearly not meaning NYC here but you know in most places there is.CIMG5455.JPG
  5. I love the fact that so much of it is familiar to us Brits cos’ we’ve seen it all before on the TV whether it was The Streets of San Francisco or Starsky and Hutch, we’ve grown up with American movies and TV series…whoops you call it seasons!
  6. I have special love for San Francisco such a compact city, so photogenic and so strangely foggy.
  7. Wow the food, now here I could go on for ages, the Clam Chowder in Stinson Beach, the Lobster Brioche in the Langham Hotel Boston, Krispy Creme donuts, margaritas in Key West….breakfast in Denny’s……… see what I mean, it needs a post of its own.
  8. You do theme parks so well, you do stand in line so well, we are sooooooo fooled by the Disney lines we actually enjoy them…. I think.DSCF0224

9 You do Christmas big time or should I say The Holidays, decorations are decorated you can not fail to smile in December.


10 Audience participation when you all get excited…..we have a lot to learn.

I am sure there are many more things us foreigners could add, so please do. Leave a comment and I’ll add you on with a link to your website if suitable.


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